How to keep your sheets everlasting white

Change your sheets regularly

It’s important to wash any sheets frequently and this is especially important for white sheets. If you want to keep your sheets in the best condition for as long as possible, you will want to wash them weekly (Which is why most people keep a few extra sets on hand.)

No eating in bed

Spilling coffee on your favourite fresh white sheets is a nightmare. If you don't want food stains left on your sheets, the best way is not to eat in bed. Even though washing might do the trick but preventing stains from the start will save your sheets from unnecessary washing resulting in wear and tear.

 Go to bed make up free

Make sure to remove all make up from your face and body as white sheets will show make up and sweat stains resulting in ugly yellow hue so it's important to wash your makeup off before hitting the sack. This is not only good for your sheets but it’s better for your skin too.

Stay away from chlorine bleach

Believe it or not, it’s best to avoid bleach as it can actually cause your sheets to turn yellow after a period of time.  Instead use common household items such as Lemon juice, baking soda vinegar to whiten your sheets.


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